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Private Events & Parties

At this time, all food for all private events must be catered by an outside company.


Minimum guest count: 30 people

We also cannot book private events on holiday weekends or local event weekends.


We also unfortunately do not book private spaces for post-wedding parties, however, you and your guests are more than welcome to join us at one of our already-open bars!

Please note we don't book private events until 3-4 months

before the desired date.


Friday, May 26 - Memorial Day Weekend

Saturday, May 27 - Memorial Day Weekend

Sunday, May 28 - Memorial Day Weekend

Monday, May 29 - Memorial Day Weekend

Friday, June 30 - 4th of July Weekend/Week

Saturday, July 1 - 4th of July Weekend/Week

Sunday July 2 - 4th of July Weekend/Week

Monday, July 3 - 4th of July Weekend/Week

Tuesday, July 4 - 4th of July Weekend/Week

Friday, July 28  - Newport Folk Fest

Saturday, July 29  - Newport Folk Fest

Sunday, July 30  - Newport Folk Fest

Friday, August 4 - Newport Jazz Fest

Saturday, August 5 - Newport Jazz Fest

Sunday, August 6 - Newport Jazz Fest

Friday, September 1 - Labor Day Weekend

Saturday, September 2 - Labor Day Weekend

Sunday, September 3 - Labor Day Weekend

Monday, September 4 - Labor Day Weekend

Thursday, September 14 - Int'l Boat Show

Friday, September 15 - Int'l Boat Show

Saturday, September 16 - Int'l Boat Show

Sunday, September 17 - Int'l Boat Show

Thursday, September 28 - Newport Car Show

Friday, September 29 - Newport Car Show
Saturday, September 30 - Newport Car Show

Sunday, October 1 - Newport Car Show

Friday, October 6 - Indigenous People's Day

Saturday, October 7 - Indigenous People's Day

Sunday, October 8 - Indigenous People's Day

Monday, October 9 - Indigenous People's Day


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