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General Manager Kerrie Philbin Named 2019 Emerging Leader of the Year


Owners Marie Regan, Regina Jones, Kerrie Philbin (GM), Tom Regan and Greg Fater


Kerrie Philbin and her son Eoin


On December 4, 2019, the Rhode Island Hospitality Association celebrated the 30th annual Stars of the Industry Awards. Among those awarded, General Manager Kerrie Philbin won the Stars of the Industry Emerging Leaders of the Year award! Over 900 guests will celebrated this award at Twin River Casino Hotel. This is an annual ceremony hosted by the RI Hospitality Association and RI Hospitality Education Foundation, to recognize those in the Restaurant and Hospitality Industries. Recipients of this award are nominated by their supervisors, coworkers and even customers. Winners are then voted on by the public and eleceted officials of the Board of the RIHA. ​

Kerrie Philbin is an accomplished leader, innovator, policy maker and strategist. She has extensive experience in business and personal management, as well as event planning and fundraising. Kerrie has worked at O'Brien's Pub since 1989 and has been the General Manager since 2004. Kerrie has a Master's Degree in Social Work, which has helped her with problem solving, customer satisfaction, staff education, training and support. She also knows policy is essential if you want to impact change. She was instrumental in passing important legislation to keep those under the age of 21 out of Class B establishments after 10:00pm. Since her management began, she facilitates all fundraising efforts, raising money for the Alzheimer's Association, Vising Nurse Services, Project Undercover and The Potter League Animal Shelter. She also works directly with numerous non-profits to ensure they have door prizes, raffle items and events essential for their development seen. Kerrie is most proud of her efforts during the 2018 Federal shutdown. With a high percentage of Newport residents working for the US Coast Guard, Kerrie felt compelled to assist families in need. She donated pizza to families and hosted a food drive at O'Brien's Pub. She was a leader in the state, and other establishments followed her lead. Kerrie does whatever it takes to ensure O'Brien's Pub runs smoothly, but her true passion is her 15 year old son, Eoin. Between soccer games, helping with homework or just watching TV, she is a dedicated single mom who puts her family first.

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